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I've been using Jerry for years. He is the best!!

~Mike Ladge 

My career requires me to spend 10-15 hours a day on a computer. Jerry is the only person that has ever been able to release the pain from my head, neck and back. It's like he gets in there and feels that pain with you...and then somehow releases that pain. Jerry guy is an incredible massage therapist and in my opinion, a natural healer.

~Jonathan Kramm


Jerry is an AMAZING massge therapist with great technique. He really knows his stuff!! I would recommend him to anyone, anyday!~Cherie Huet


Jerry is AMAZING at what he does. His hands are like magic working out every knot and pain. He is by far the best massage therapist I have ever had.

~Bethany Clauson


Great Character- Honest- Sincere- These are merely 3 simple words I could possibly use out of a positive myriad of endearing terms to describe a friend like Jerry. I have known Jerry outside his professional capacity for over 30 years and am proud to admit....he's consistently been one of the most ethically conscious friends I've ever had. He always does as he promises and pulls through no matter what it takes.I have witnessed his professional rapport with his clients and have heard and seen his calm and relaxed nature in the way he carries himself. He always has a smile on his face and he exudes the confidence that he is willing to satisfy his clients regarding their needs. I would be happy to recommend Jerry knowing that he will follow through with his promise to satisfy his clients as he has consistently done in the past.

~Suha Mumcuoglu



I work in front of a computer, I drive a lot in LA traffic, and I'm an athlete so something is always sore. I met Jerry because he's the one that my other massage therapists go to when they need work done. Simply put, if you are stressed and you find that your walking around with your shoulders are up around your ears, you need Jerry.

~Mike Weksler


Jerry has been my masseuse for a couple of years now. I've had some wonderful results from his combination of energy work and massage techniques. His work was instrumental in helping heal my rotator cuff strain and currently my low back. Can't give greater praise than that. :)

~Maria Alexander

@gotknotsla to schedule an AMAZING massage w/magic hands Jerry! You won't wanna miss out on this. U will leave melting & feeling incredible!

~Iriet Schulman

Jerry has good hands, and is a very nice person.  These are essentials for this practice.

~Ethan G.


I would certainly hire or recommend to anyone who is looking for a massage that really works. He has maintained a great reputation in his field personally & professionally and always strives to be better. His peers highly recommend him to their clients that need that extra touch they cannot offer.

~Summer James


Jerry has been curing what ails me for two years. He's great at convincing my muscles to give up old injuries and reversing the effects of too many hours spent awkwardly in an office chair, hunched over a computer. Also love that he brings the spa experience to my home so I can keel over into a post-massage nap.

~Jill Druschke James


Jerry has great knowledge of human anatomy as well as great intuition. These combine to create a phenomenal massage therapist. I know that he listens to me as well as my body when he's working on me. As a fellow massage therapist, I not only trust his knowledge and advice but know I will receive a massage that makes me feel better physically and energetically.

~Deb Aron


Jerry is a great massage therapist with lots of knowledge and experience. He's also an excellent person to work with and can be counted on as someone to talk to about business or other matters. He has a great sense of humor and is very reliable. I would never hesitate to recommend him as an employee, partner, or massage therapist.

~Paul Kleiman



Got Knots? - A Massage Company!!!! Jerry McQueen owner of "Got Knots" is truly a masterful healer. Humble, skilled, strong, sensitive intuitive and mind bogglingly talented. I could go on and on. Really! I have never experienced anything like him. I was given the gift of Jerry the other eve after a fender bender and he is incredible. This was not my first experience with him Luckily! Got Knots is on Face Book!  818-419-9947 is where you can reach him for yourself or as a gift to someone else.
~Janeen Rae Heller


Jerry is an exceptional employee who is very skilled in his profession. I recommend his Deep Tissue Massage along with his energy work. It is not often that you find a therapist that has the knowledge, work ethic and the drive to be a success!~Paulette Rigdon


Jerry is an excellent bodyworker and massage therapist. He's extremely knowledgeable and has a very caring approach. He has a good understanding of his client's needs and will tailor treatment accordingly.

~Mari Cabrera-Hickerson


Jerry is simply the bomb. My wife and I consider calling on Jerry a real treat and always look forward to our next session. Sometimes, you just deserve the best. Call him now!~Ramiro Fauve


Jerry has worked for 20-Minute Vacation at marketing events in the Los Angeles area. He always performs above expectations and I would not hesitate to hire him again.

~Gary Buzzard


In my 23 years of getting massages, Jerry McQueen is probably one of the most gifted massage therapist I have ever received a session from. He truly listens to what my system needs and the massages he has given me are always effective. Jerry is the best!

~Tracy Griffiths

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