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benefits of massage

With the re-emergence of holistic health theories and therapies, therapeutic massage is experiencing a renaissance and is regaining it’s rightful place among health care practitioners.

at the physical level


Speeds healing of injured muscular tissue
Reduces muscle tension & spasm
Reduces blood pressure
Relieves headaches
Improves circulation of blood & lymph fluids
Promotes well nourished & healthy skin
Improves energy flow
Improves sleep patterns
Enhances tissue elasticity & flexibility
Enhances deep relaxation
Increases resistance to illness
Increases range of motion
Improves flexibility in joints

at the mental & emotional level


Reduces stress & anxiety
Helps reduce mental fatigue
Improves concentration
Increases alertness & clarity
Promotes overall feeling of well being

enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own home or office, or schedule an appointment to come in and see us and start enjoying your own benefits of massage today!.

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